The creative industries are without doubt, the most diverse and colourful part of our practice.

We provide legal services to our clients from the clothing industry (fashion law) including production, advertising, modelling and creative agencies, cosmetics companies and startups.

We bring our clients’ innovative projects to life by providing legal advice, an experience that invariably confirms our belief that human ingenuity, development and aspiration to perfection knows no limits.

We are open to your creative ideas and projects and will be happy to support you in developing them.

our experience includes:

  • advising one of the leading Central European groups in the clothing sector,
  • registering a package of trademarks in the Polish Patent Office and the EU Intellectual Property Office on behalf of representatives of the beauty, fashion and design industries,
  • advising one of the largest women’s business organisations in Poland
  • advising one of Poland’s leading companies whose activities include selling beauty products,
  • advising the most widely read online service for the fashion industry,
  • conducting training in intellectual property protection for the fashion industry, startups and others,
  • legal mentoring during fashion, technology, business and entrepreneurship events.