That new technology is constantly evolving is obvious, but even a few years ago not everyone was aware of how much legal support this sector will require. The law is not always able to keep abreast of the pace with which new technology is changing, which is why it is so important that lawyers in this industry are up to date with recent developments, understand the market issues and above all, are able to find solutions when the law has not yet had a chance to develop standard practice.

We are such lawyers. Every day, we take on the issues and challenges that our IT clients bring to us.

our experience:

  • advising dozens of technology and IT startups
  • ensuring regulatory compliance for dozens of mobile and web applications, including SaaS,
  • structuring and preparing a legal recommendation for an ICO under Polish, Gibraltar and Maltese law,
  • providing comprehensive legal advice on the formation of a blockchain-based currency exchange and trading platform under Polish and Marshall Islands' law.