We provide a comprehensive range of services for the formation and operation of foundations and associations. We coordinate the procedures for founding and dissolving foundations and associations, as well as prepare draft agreements, statutes, policies and other resolutions regulating the functioning of these organisations and their governing bodies. We prepare all documentation required by law, complete the relevant applications and deliver them to the appropriate offices.

We also advise on the day-to-day operation of foundations and associations. We provide professional legal advice to entities applying for the status of a public benefit organisation (OPP), including the preparation and submission of the documentation necessary to amend the statute and obtain the status of a public benefit organisation by the relevant court. Subsequently, we provide an analysis of the legal consequences of the granting of status, the acquired rights and newly-created obligations, changes to the reporting requirements and the procedures that allow individuals to take advantage of the program that directs 1% of their income tax to such organisations.

We also advise on preparing sponsorship agreements.

our experience includes:

  • preparing documents related to the founding of the NGO, as well as preparing and amending statutes,
  • advising on the operation and procedures of the foundation or association and its associated bodies, including carrying out and reporting changes in board personnel,
  • dissolving foundations and associations,
  • representing clients in proceedings before the National Court Register (KRS).