We provide a comprehensive range of legal services in construction law, for both individuals and businesses.

Based on our experience in cases in architectural and construction management as well as construction supervision, we deal with matters such as:

  • preparing legal opinions and contracts for the construction investment process,
  • negotiating the extension of contract deadlines,
  • advising on legalisation or changes to local development plans.

We also analyse developer agreements, including the terms of contractual penalties, damages and threats arising from the investment process, and prepare pleadings for court and administrative proceedings.

our experience includes:

  • providing legal services for all stages of the investment process, including the construction of residential, office, commercial and warehouse real estate,
  • preparing and reviewing purchase and development contracts, leases and tenancy agreements as well as property management agreements,
  • representing clients in court cases concerning the remediation of legal defects, land and mortgage register proceedings, matters related to easements as well as the separation of ownership and division of real estate.