Innovative enterprises need adequate legal resources. We help protect ideas and select the optimum legal structure for conducting business. We advise on the preparation of founder's agreements, choosing an investor and investment agreements.

We provide a comprehensive legal service at all stages of growth, from company formation all the way through to exit. We make sure that the founder's contracts are properly prepared and we advise during each financing phase, from choosing the right investor and negotiating an investment agreement to mediating between founders and investors. We advise on the proven legal mechanisms for the protection of intellectual property of new businesses.

our experience includes:

  • providing legal advice to hundreds of startups, with comprehensive support at every stage of growth,
  • legal mentoring and advice for the largest accelerators and pre-accelerators in Poland,
  • preparing founder's agreements and participating in the negotiation of investment agreements,
  • advising in disputes between founders, as well as between founders and investors.